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『Dreams need life to be drawn. Success needs time to irrigate.

Hard work and perseverance, a better future will surely come true.』

※Gold plan can access all stock plan information※


1. We provide information on high-profit stock selection.

2. All tradings are controlled by yourself and take care of your own profits and losses.

3. Non-investment consulting industry, neither joint venture nor valet operation.

A :

1. Please fill out the form below to register.

2. The subscription plan period is per year.

3. After the payment is completed, the account and password will be issued according to the plan, and you can log in to the webpage to obtain the information on the gold stock selection.

A : Subscribe to the Gold Plan, provide information on U.S. stocks via comprehensive and various indicators every month, including Gold plan, Smart plan, Soar plan information.

1. The price of the Smart Plan is $US218 / 1Year.

2. This plan adopts the subscription system, and the subscription period is per year.

3. The subscription payment can be paid in one installment or in six installments.

4. The stock information is provided immediately. Once the information is provided, it cannot be returned, so there is no refund. Please consider your subscription carefully.

A : We are not investment consulting industry, neither the joint venture nor valet operation. All tradings are controlled by yourself and should be taken care of your own profits and losses carefully.


1. After completing the subscription information on this page, you will be redirected to 【Paypal】for checkout.

2. The account will be active in 24hours after the payment is confirmed.

3. The U.S stock investment information is provided immediately after the payment. Therefore, after the payment, the website account cannot be unsubscribed and refunded! Please consider the transaction carefully,  make sure of the subscription before making payment.

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